Who is TAG?

What does TAG do?


Who is TAG?

TAG has been rated as one of the Best Businesses to Work For in Southern California year over year (Los Angeles Business Journal and Orange County Business Journal).  TAG has also been awarded as one of the Top 101 Best and Brightest Companies in the United States (Source: 101bestandbrightest.com).

We pride ourselves in a great company culture where our people are empowered to grow personally and professionally.  Our people have unlimited growth potential as our company continues to expand throughout the United States. 




What does TAG do?

TAG has an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients in various industries (Telecommunications, Office Supplies, and Energy Industries).  These clients spend huge amounts of money on advertising (emails, tv, radio, billboards, social media, etc) to grow their customer bases.  Unfortunately for our clients (fortune for TAG however), business owners aren't replying to email or phone solicitations.  We are all inundated with too much media, and our clients need a much more creative approach to get their messages and products in front of their customers (and potential customers).  

We are contracted by these Fortune 500 companies to acquire and retain business customers for them in a PERSONALIZED manner.  We have a simple angle:  we take a portion of our clients advertising budget and turn it in to face-to-face presentations offering business customers amazing deals to become new customers (or retain existing customers).  Our Account Representatives walk in to businesses unannounced, create relationships with the business owners and managers in designated areas, and do our best to sell our clients' products and services. 

In a world of digital everything, it's not common for Fortune 500 companies to have personal relationships with their customers.  TAG is the face and personality of these large corporations.  TAG has a reputation of developing some of the best sales people, leaders, and managers across the country.  

With our clients' insatiable appetites to grow their businesses, we have been given larger budgets year over year.  Our professionalism and integrity have been our rocket fuel to continuously expand our business over the last 20 years.  


Why Face to Face Sales

TAG's ValueS: LIFE

Leadership:  "Leadership is influence.  Nothing more; nothing less."

Integrity:  "Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no."

Faith:  "Leaders are dealers in hope."

Excellence:  "Make today your masterpiece."

TAG's Mission

"Grow.  Grow Right.  Grow Right Now."

Along with serving our clients, our biggest priority is on developing our people.  We are all about the personal and professional growth.  We want all of our employees to be successful in their homes, their communities, and their work.