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Management Team


Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, Jaime moved to California at the age of 25 to start TAG in Los Angeles.
In the beginning of Jaime's career, clients were scarce and the revenues were low. One of Jaime's favorite quotes is, "Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill. He needed a quote like that to survive the early stages of being an entrepreneur.
Jaime puts a lot of focus and attention on the staff's personal growth. "Your professional growth is direclty linked to your personal growth. Focus on becoming a better person, follow the CANI principle ('Constant And Never-ending Improvement'), and your career will take care of itself." This attitude is at the heart of the company culture.
In his personal life, Jaime is involved in various charities. He is a long time board member and advocate of the Boys & Girls Club of Venice. He has served in and funded several mission trips for Operation Smile in 3rd world countries, most recently in San Cristobal, Mexico, where he participated directly with the children and their parents post operation. Jaime has helped local non-profits like Homeboy Industries and COTS (Committee on the Shelterless).
Jaime is a family man living with his beautiful wife and 3 children in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Kelsey DIETER |  Human resources MANAGER


Kelsey Dieter grew up in Erie, PA before heading to sunny Southern California. With her Bachelor's degree in Communications, Kelsey has helped the company grow teams across multiple campaigns throughout SoCal. She has now taken her years of experience and can do mentality to help the team grow as the Human Resource Manager. Kelsey's favorite part about working at TAG is that the team has become like a second family to her. She shows that she cares by holding herself and everyone around her to high standards and helps them to grow personally and professionally. In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys drawing, movies and is an avid soccer player. You can catch Kelsey in the office listening to Disney music! Favorite Quote: "Everything happens for a reason" Favorite Leadership Book: "How to win friends and influence People" by Dale Carnegie

Justine Modde | Human Resources Manager

Justine Modde, born and raised in sunny California. She attended college for sociology and is now using her knowledge and skills in our Human Resources department. Her favorite thing about working at TAG is how close knit everyone is. She shows great dedication to us here at TAG by always going the extra mile for anyone she interacts with. In her spare time, she likes to play basketball and practice her Spanish. You'll never catch her in the office without a smile!
Favorite quote: "You have to learn the rules of the game better than anybody else, then you have to play better" -Albert Einstein.
Favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory.

Helen Davidov | Management Consultant

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Helen moved to California in 1992 for freedom and opportunities that were not otherwise an option in communist Russia.
Helen started with TAG in 2001 in sales and leadership development before transitioning into recruiting and office administration. Helen's hard work and determination paid off as she quickly moved into the Director of Operations role. Within eight years Helen decided to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams and upbringing and start a consulting firm with TAG as her first client.
Helen specializes in finance, leadership coaching, and public speaking.
Helen was recognized for her professional achievements and awarded Recruiter of the Year for 5 consecutive years within our organization. In 2014, Helen was recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal for Women Making a Difference at the same time as the Los Angeles mayor commended her commitment to the non-profit world for countless hours of altruism.
Helen is a devoted community leader and has been involved with several Non-Profits. She is a board member and advocate of NCJW of Los Angeles. She also is an advocate and long time volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club of Venice, leading their annual Fall Gala with great ease and success.
Even with great professional success, Helen is most proud of the life she has been able to provide for her family. She currently resides in Tarzana, California with her awesome husband, four amazing and rambunctious sons and two very feisty cats. The Davidov family loves to travel and discover our beautiful world. Her sons are being raised to respect our earth and that we are guests here so it's an absolute must to recycle, conserve water and energy.

Mirza Ulasoglu

Born in Instanbul, Turkey, Mirza graduated from Sabanci University witha BS degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Shortly after graduation, Mirza moved to Los Angeles to study Marketing and Advertising at UCLA. Following his graduation, Mirza joined TAG Energy in 2010. Mirza's favorite part of the business is constant development and the opportunity to help others grow. Being a son of a successful doctor in Turkey, helping others is a huge passion of Mirza. One of Mirza's favorite quotes is, "Never give up what you want most for what you want today." - by Neal Maxwell. He believes that patience and sacrifice are the ingredients of the secret sauce to success. His favorite way of learning is in person, through role models and mentors that have already achieved his goals. Also, he is a huge soccer and UFC fan.