TAG celebrates the Holiday Season

Work hard play hard, right?

Everyday, the TAG crew comes in and works their hardest to hit their goals. As the year nears its end, we work even harder to end strong, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time doing it. So, when the holidays come around, we want everyone to enjoy it.

Friday (December 22nd) - the entire office will participate in "Secret Santa".  Aside from every employee receiving a gift from TAG, everyone also has a "special someone" to find a personal gift for - and then we'll share them all while enjoy some food and cheer.  

The following day, the entire staff is dedicating a day of charitable giving of our time to dozens of people living in "Old Folks Homes".  We have plenty of small gifts for them all, but most importantly, we are going to show some love and care to people that will not be sharing the holidays with loved ones.  It seems like it's the elderly that are often "forgotten about" during the holidays as our focus can easily be consumed with the busy-ness of shopping, holiday parties, and running around.  This is another way that we can impact the community around us.  It's really great to see the leadership development at TAG spreading to areas outside of our circles of influence.  Great job, Team.  

Happy Holidays TAGgers!