TAG Recognized as One of the "Best & Brightest Companies To Work For" in 2017

TAG was honored as "One of the Top 101 Best & Brightest Companies To Work For in the United States" in 2017.  

"It's great to see our people and our company culture recognized as one of the best organizations in the country.  We are very lucky to be in an industry that's expanding year over year, and we are even luckier to be working with such a great group of young business leaders.  Our futures look bright." - Jaime Hepp (President of TAG)


101 Best & Brightest Companies (USA - 2017)




TAG celebrates the Holiday Season

Work hard play hard, right?

Everyday, the TAG crew comes in and works their hardest to hit their goals. As the year nears its end, we work even harder to end strong, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time doing it. So, when the holidays come around, we want everyone to enjoy it.

Friday (December 22nd) - the entire office will participate in "Secret Santa".  Aside from every employee receiving a gift from TAG, everyone also has a "special someone" to find a personal gift for - and then we'll share them all while enjoy some food and cheer.  

The following day, the entire staff is dedicating a day of charitable giving of our time to dozens of people living in "Old Folks Homes".  We have plenty of small gifts for them all, but most importantly, we are going to show some love and care to people that will not be sharing the holidays with loved ones.  It seems like it's the elderly that are often "forgotten about" during the holidays as our focus can easily be consumed with the busy-ness of shopping, holiday parties, and running around.  This is another way that we can impact the community around us.  It's really great to see the leadership development at TAG spreading to areas outside of our circles of influence.  Great job, Team.  

Happy Holidays TAGgers!


Crisis Leadership - Saving The Big Bear Classic

Another year for our annual Org event.  10+ years of a weekend peppered with great business knowledge combined with crazy, childlike competitions and relationship building.  

This year was different though...

Things started off great.  125 of our best and brightest ready and motivated for a great day of teaching and learning.  The events team was on point.  The teachers were on point.  What could possibly go wrong?

The night before our event began, we had news of a 100 acre fire that started near Ventura.  This was a concern considering we were planning on staying in Malibu - potentially being in harm's way.  As the day went on, we heard news of the fires growing.  As I write this right now, this 100 acre fire has grown to 132,000+ acres.  Wow!

As we were preparing to wrap things up during the "business portion" of our meeting, the group came together and discussed the concerns.  All of the cards were put on the table about the fire, the smoke, and the 50/50 chance of an evacuation happening in Malibu.  This was the critical moment.

None of us are smarter than all of us.  I believe this to be true.  

Everyone was asked to get back in to their small groups and come up with some solutions to some of our challenges (regarding physical and emotional safety, evacuation if this was required, drinking and driving, finding alternative places for 125 people to sleep, etc).  Everyone's voices were heard.  Everyone's concerns were heard.  Everyone's opinions counted.  

When we all returned to talk things through, it became clear that we were not going to have our event in Malibu.  

Now what?  

A small group of leaders assembled to get in to problem solving mode.  A clear challenge was in front of us as most hotels and airbnb's couldn't accommodate 125 people.  3 hours of internet searches, phone calls, negotiating... 

We finally settled on going to hotel near Disneyland.  Why not venture out to the happiest place on earth, right?

Once we solved the problem of a good night's sleep, we had our next big challenge...

What are we going to do to save our classic weekend?

Once again - a team of brains got together and talked.... and talked... and talked some more.  

Huntington Beach - here we come!

First event - "The Skit".

Second event - "Dizzy Bat".

Third event - "Bocce Ball".

Fourth and final premier event - "Volleyball".

The spirit of our classic weekend was in full force as everyone acted silly and enjoyed themselves. 

I was in awe of the great people that we work with.  I didn't hear one complaint from anyone.  I heard laughter all weekend.  Everyone brought their A game to the event and everyone had a great time.  This is a group of leaders and winners.  The futures look bright for this squad.  

We saved the notorious Big Bear Classic.


What Makes A Great Company Culture?

The year is almost at a end, but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating that competitive spirit that makes us who we are. It’s time for the annual Team Olympics! In our team Olympics, we play a variety of games such as "Heads Up", Basketball, Volleyball and Trivia. Each week we split up team by team and face up against each other. 

It is an opportunity to let the office have some friendly spirit at the end of the work day but be competitive at the same time. It is always great to really see how the team interacts with each other. Who has fun and who really brings out their creative and competitive side. Most importantly though watching the teamwork our leaders form together is great! Can't wait to see what next week has in store!

R&R Weekend - Dominican Republic

It's that time of year when we prepare for our annual R&R Retreat.  This year we are lucky enough to go to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  

Every year we treat our Management Team to a great weekend of fun, networking, and a little bit of business pool side.  

Looking forward to another great adventure.